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About The Designer

Considered the preeminent Decorative Concrete Designer based in San Antonio, Texas,

Ezekiel Montes boasts over 20 years of hard work, unsurpassed quality, and superb customer service with countless happy customers spread across two generations.

An engineer by trade and an artistic innovator, Montes' art has become not just a passion, but also his life's mission. He has designed and installed thousands of "Unique Masterpieces of Art in Concrete" utilizing his own proprietary Stamped Texture Concrete Overlay System. A system that combines and highly improves the best techniques available in the decorative concrete world, setting his company apart from the rest.

His own proprietary and one-of-a-kind Stamped Texture Concrete Overlay System is the only one in the market that allows the consumer to visualize, review, change, and pre-approve each step of the design process prior to completion. No other company in the market offers a process like this, which allows for true customization for the client.

Ezekiel Montes’ Unique Stamped Texture Concrete Overlays and Custom Designs are currently displayed in more than one hundred model homes throughout San Antonio and Austin Texas.

“I guarantee you a truly customized masterpiece of art in concrete: A unique and personalized masterpiece of art, you and I would be proud of! “
~J. Ezekiel Montes